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Inflatable Mechanical Kapow Obstacle Maze / Kapow Phantom / Kapow Wipe Out Race Game

Size:10L*10Wm or be customized

Material:pvc tarpaulin(plato material)

Accessories Included :UL/CE blower +repair material

  • IF-IK097
  • IFUN or OEM
  • IF-IK097

Product Description

Inflatable Mechanical Kapow Obstacle Maze / Kapow Phantom /  Kapow Wipe Out  Race Game

Video for Kapow Race Game

KAPOW is a multi-player inflatable game where your guests race against each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course.

KAPOW’s uniqueness is the two rotating boom arms.

One arm spins in a clockwise direction designed to come into contact with the player at knee/thigh level while the second arm is spinning counter clockwise. The second arm is higher and would hit a player around the chest area.

How the inflatable KAPOW race is played:

  • Two guests set off at the same time at separate entrances to the game.

  • They will then run through set lanes that have inflatable obstacles in them.

  • These lanes are based on concentric circles, so participants will have to `turn back on themselves’ three times.

  • The game is a race, so at the end, both guestss will run down the same lane to the finish line.

  • They will remember your event for a long time after running a race on KAPOW!

Name: Inflatable Kapow Obstacle Maze

10L*10Wm or be customized

MOQ:  1 piece

 pvc tarpaulin (plato material) waterproof & fire retardant.

Handcraft:  double to quadruple stitching for inflatable
Accessory included:  CE/UL blower and repair kits


3 kinds of printing.

1)silk printing 2) digital printing 3)painting

Color:  white, black,orange,yellow,dark/light blue,dark/light green,coffee,gray,purple,red or be customized
OEM service:  yes
Payment terms: T/T or Western union or Paypal or Money Gram
Certification: EN14960
Warranty: 1 year
drop shipping service: yes

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